The Dr. Charles & Jane Aprill Collection

The Aprill Collection

We are very excited to be offering the renowned collection of Dr. Charles & Jane Aprill at auction this year. This important collection features a wonderful variety of Early Glass & Bottles, Historical Flasks, Medicine, Ink, Bitters, Whiskey, Pickle, Cologne, Soda and Mineral Water Bottles, Freeblown and Pattern Molded Glass, Tableware and More.


"The Importance of Provenance in Glass Collecting"

Early American Glass

The Anthony Picadio Collection

The Anthony Picadio collection of fine early American glass will be featured in auctions throughout the 2018 auction season at Heckler. This preeminent collection of glass is not only beautiful and rare, but many of the pieces also featured a highly detailed record of provenance including such noteworthy names as: George McKearin, George Austin, Crawford Wettlauffer and many others.


"High Class Fancy" Pigeon!

Pigeon Target Ball

Exciting and Extremely Rare Pigeon - "Agnew & Brown / Corner Of 27th / & Smallman Sts. / Pittsburgh Pa." Target Ball

This example comes from the collection of Ann McMurphy, who discovered the target ball in her ancestral home in Southern Illinois. She believes the target ball was originally owned by her great-grandfather, Mr. George W. McMurphy, who was the original inhabitant of the property.


An Interesting Communication

Chicken Inkwell

A letter to to Mr. Evanuk from a fellow ink collector.

We have never met. However due to our mutual interest in early American bottles and flasks and, unfortunately for me, in inks specifically you have had a profound impact on my collecting. The Gotjen Sales of this past winter were a time of great expectation for me. However great expectation quickly soured to deep disappointment as I missed out on ink after ink to "a very private and determined early American glass collector from Connecticut." ... my curiosity was killing me. I was determined to discover the identity of the reticent "JPF" buyer.


Target Balls!

Great Western Target Ball

Important & Rare Target Balls- From the Cindy Gaffney Collection

Hecklers is pleased to offer the Cindy Gaffney Collection of Target Balls. This amazing collection of rarities will be offered in our March 19-28, 2018, Premier Auction 159. Collected over a number of years, this collection represents the highest in quality, color, and condition.

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"Matthias / Cazier" Soapstone Inkwell

Matthias Cazier Soapstone Inkwell

An Inkwell's Story, by Jane Martin

I am an old inkwell. I am made of soapstone, and well made, I might add, by a boy whose name was Matthias Cazier. He was so proud of me that he carved his name on my base! I am different from other inkwells on the shelf. I'm sure that in my case different means better. I remember the day Matthias needed an inkwell for school, and ran down by the big body of salt water and chopped some soapstone to make me!


"A: Gift:To / The: Rev / Mr:Marsh / By / S: Catlin / 1743" Pewter Inkwell

A Gift to Reverend Mr. Marsh

Each time I gaze upon the pewter inkwell that is the cornerstone of my collection, I try to envision the colonial day on which it was carved. S. Catlin really wanted to give the Reverend Mr. Marsh a gift that would hopefully survive for centuries; and it has! This article will introduce you to the men who had a special bond back in 1743 that is revealed today through this wonderful object.


The Neptune Club

The Neptune Club

The Neptune Yachting Club of Norwalk, Connecticut, Oil on Canvas Painting and Presentation Pitchers

The Neptune Club was a yachting club in Norwalk, Connecticut, active primarily from the 1850s-1880s, which was comprised largely of wealthy businessmen from New York City and Connecticut.


Becker's Improved Stomach Bitters

Becker's Improved Stomach Bitters

"Becker’s / Improved Stomach / Bitters / Patented Sept. 7th 1869" Ceramic Bitters Advertising Dispenser

This rare and exciting piece was unlisted when we sold it in 1991, and it remains the only known example today. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer this wonderful bitters collectible.

United States Patent Office

Moses Becker, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Letters Patent no. 94,466, dated
September 7, 1869.


Potter Palmer & The Palmer House

Potter Palmer Whiskey Flask

"Potter Palmer / Palmer / House / Chicago" Strap Sided Whiskey Flask

Potter Palmer, born in 1826 in New York, was a well-known businessman who was responsible for much of the development in Chicago. He began his career in Chicago in the early 1850s when he opened a dry goods store. The store quickly became a success partially due to Palmer's commitment to his customers, but also because of his unique "price comparison" window displays.

In 1867 Palmer chose to shift his focus to real estate. He owned a large portion of State Street, and began building along the street and leasing properties for businesses.


General Thomas Sprigg

T. Sprigg Sealed Wine Bottle

"T. Sprigg" Sealed Wine Bottle

General Thomas Sprigg was born in 1747 to Osborne Sprigg and Rachel Belt Sprigg of Prince George's County, Maryland. The family is descended from Colonel Thomas Sprigg who immigrated to Maryland around 1660 where he secured a patent for his 1,000 acre Prince George's County estate, Northampton. The estate remained in the Sprigg family until the mid 19th century; however, General Thomas Sprigg was never its owner.


Thomas Addeman of Providence, Rhode Island

T. Addeman Blacking Bottle

"T. Addeman / Prov. R.I." Blacking Bottle

Thomas Addeman was born in Yorkshire, England in 1803. Following his marriage to Mary Ann (Flagg) in 1836, the couple relocated to New Zealand where many opportunities were being offered to new settlers. During their time in New Zealand, the Addemans had a son and daughter, and the family lived happily with Thomas working as a store owner.


Moses Gill - A True Son of Massachusetts

Moses Gill Sealed Wine Bottle

"Moses / Gill / 1772" Sealed Wine Bottle

Moses Gill was born on January 18, 1734 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the oldest neighborhood in Boston. Gill became a merchant in Boston where he lived with his wife Sarah Prince, the daughter of Thomas Prince, pastor of Boston's Old South Church, from whom they inherited a large tract of land in what is now Princeton, Massachusetts. In 1771 Sarah died, and Gill remarried to Rebecca Boylston whose family was well known in Boston. Gill continued to spend a great amount of time in Princeton.


The Last Bottle Out

Puce Eagle "Dyottville"Flask

Lady luck and the bottle gods guide us to where the best-of-the-best stayed hidden for more than 150 years
The Story of the Puce Eagle - "Dyottville" Flask,
By: Richard (Rick) Weiner

For more than half of my life, I have dug bottles. I began at the age of 15, being shown the great hobby of dump digging by my grandmother, who took me digging. She owned an antique shop in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and was interested in old glass. I guess I kind of inherited my love of old glass. I dug in dumps for years. Privy digging became my passion about six years ago.


Jumbo - An International Sensation

"Jumbo" Stoneware Crock

"Somerset / Potters Works / 4" / (Two Elephants) / "Jumbo" Stoneware Crock

Jumbo, an African elephant, was an international sensation. Jumbo was featured on everything from hats to leather boot advertisements. After joining the circus, Jumbo was frequently pictured along with Tom Thumb, a dwarf elephant. The two elephants are pictured on this stoneware crock from the Somerset Potters Works in Somerset, Massachusetts which may have been advertising Jumbo or may have been memorializing him.


"Prairie / & / Plantation / Bitters"

Plantation Bitters Bottle

A Rare and Exciting Bottle

"Prairie / & / Plantation / Bitters" - "C. Frank / & Co / Cincinnati / O." Figural Bitters Bottle, America, 1845-1860. Square tall log cabin form, bright yellow amber, applied sloping collared mouth - large 1 7/8 inch dia. iron pontil scar, ht. 10 1/4 inches.


The USS General Pike

General Pike Sloop Jug

"Sloop / General Pike / Huntington Oct 20th y 1819" Ovoid Stoneware Jug

The USS General Pike was a sloop in service on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. She was launched in the summer of 1813 from Sackets Harbor, New York. At the time, General Pike was the largest ship built on a Great Lake at 145 feet long. General Pike took part in a number of skirmishes on the Great Lakes as part of Commodore Isaac Chauncey's squadron, frequently serving as his flagship during her first year of service.


Isaac Beers and The Beers Tavern

Isaac Beers Bottle

"Isaac / Beers / 1774" Sealed Wine Bottle

Isaac Beers: president of the New Haven bank, president of the Chamber of Commerce in New Haven, deacon of the Episcopalian church, alderman under Mayor Roger Sherman, merchant, and proprietor of The Beers Tavern. Isaac was born in 1742 in Stratford, Connecticut and moved to New Haven with his father Nathan and siblings around 1754. Isaac's father, Nathan, purchased the former Goodyear mansion on the corner of College and Chapel Streets in New Haven. In the early 1760s, Isaac began running The Beers Tavern.


The Log Cabin & Hard Cider Campaign

Log Cabin & Hard Cider Bottle

Often considered the first modern presidential campaign, the 1840 campaign of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler included catchy slogans like "Tippecanoe & Tyler, Too!", as well as paraphernalia which is treasured today. In 1840 the Whig party selected William Henry Harrison as their candidate for the presidency.
The Whig strategy for the campaign was to present Harrison as an honored war hero emphasizing his victory over Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe. The memorable slogan of "Tippecanoe & Tyler, Too!" originated from a campaign song, "Tipp & Ty".


Single-Owner Collection Of Bears At Norman Heckler’s Sept. 19

September Live Auction

Antiques And The Arts Weekly:
August 29, 2014

A single-owner collection of more than 1,100 toy bears — many of them recent but more than 200 antique examples by early makers such as Steiff and Merrythought — will be sold at public auction on Friday, September 19, by Norman C. Heckler & Company, in the firm’s barn auction venue at 79 Bradford Corner Road. The bears were collected over the course of nearly 50 years by Charlotte “Chotsie” Lefevre.


Early Glass, Flasks, Bottles On Tap At Heckler Auction March 17–26

Premier Auction 108

Antiques And The Arts Weekly:
February 28, 2014

Norman C. Heckler & Company’s absentee auction #108 will offer 96 glass items in a compact but potent sale, running online March 17–26, ending at 10 pm on the final day. "This won’t be our biggest sale ever, but I’m extremely pleased with the quality and rarity of the bottles and glass being offered," said Norman Heckler. "This auction includes exceptional pieces in a surprising number of bottle collecting categories, including early glass, historical flasks, colored medicines, whimsy hats, bitters, inks, black glass and more."


‘Premiere’ Glass Auction On Offer At Norman Heckler Nov. 4–13

Premier Auction 106

Antiques And The Arts Weekly:
November 25, 2013

One of Norman C. Heckler & Company’s most important absentee sales will run November 4–13, featuring 152 lots of early glass, historical flasks, fancy colognes, hat whimsies, bitters, medicines, inks, a fruit jar, black glass and more. Norman C. Heckler & Company is billing the sale as “a premier absentee auction of early glass, bottles, flasks and more.” Company president Norman C. Heckler called the selection of bottles “unbelievable.”


The Many Colors of Sandwich Glass - From the Ralph Finch Collection

The Ralph Finch Collection

We are pleased to present "The Many Colors of Sandwich Glass", the Ralph Finch collection of cologne bottles. Yes, the same Ralph Finch we all know, the target ball guru, the journalist, the editor, the collector, the all-around good guy, is selling his cologne collection. The Ralph Finch collection of fine early colored cologne bottles will be featured in auctions throughout the 2013 auction season at Heckler.


Important American Whimsey Hats - From the Dr. Paul Andreson Collection

The Dr. Paul Andreson Collection

If you want rare, unusual, colorful, important American whimsey hats, watch our auction sales for the next year. These rarities will be featured in both our absentee and live auction sales. Heckler is pleased to announce that we will offer the Dr. Paul Andreson collection of four hundred (+) hat whimsies.


Norman C. Heckler Auction To Offer "Opportunity" May 13–22

Opportunity Auction 104

Antiques And The Arts Weekly:
April 19, 2013

An impressive selection of more than 200 antique bottles, flasks and more from several prominent collections will be offered in an absentee auction May 13–22 by Norman C. Heckler & Company. It is being billed as a May Opportunity Auction — digital online only with no printed catalog or callbacks. Headlining the sale will be bottles from the collection of John April, a broad-based collector and fan of early bottles, and 42 pictorial and historical flasks from the collection of Mike Roberts, an expert on Washington-Taylor flasks and double eagle flasks.


$299,520 For A Trio Of Flasks At Norman Heckler's 100th Sale

The Three Kings

Antiques And The Arts Weekly: November 9, 2012

WOODSTOCK VALLEY, CONN. — A trio of perhaps the rarest and most desirable American historical flasks known, all from the Jared Spencer group, soared to just under the $300,000 mark during the most recent absentee auction at Norman C. Heckler & Co. Sold during Heckler’s 100th major cataloged auction.


Rare Double Eagle Historical Flask Realizes $53,820 At Heckler Auction

Double Eagle Flask

Antiques And The Arts Weekly: July 6, 2012

WOODSTOCK, CONN. — A rare and early double eagle historical flask made in Pittsburgh, circa 1820-40, and boasting a deep yellow olive color, sold for $53,820 in an Internet and catalog auction conducted May 16–30 by Norman C. Heckler & Company. The flask was the top lot in an auction dedicated mainly to antique bottles, flasks, pottery, antiques and Americana.


Great Bottles Coming Out Of The Woodwork At Hecklers

Fresh finds at Heckler

Auction 99 Results: June 6, 2012

WOODSTOCK, CONN. — Fresh finds that uncover important bottles in our hobby have become quite rare, however, the recent Heckler auction that ended on May 30 contained several lots that give us all hope of finding that next “bottle in the rough”. We all love to hear the stories behind the glass which, undoubtedly, added to the excitement and the final hammer price! Five interesting and rare bottles, fresh to the market, were offered to antique bottle enthusiasts in this sale.


Rare Double-Portrait Flask Takes $52,650 At Norman Heckler

Double-Portrait Flask

Antiques And The Arts Weekly: March 23, 2012

WOODSTOCK, CONN. — A rare and historical portrait flask showing strong busts of George Washington and Henry Clay, made circa 1840–1860 by Bridgeton (N.J.) Glass Works, soared to $52,650 in Norman C. Heckler & Company’s Internet and catalog auction of Session III of the Thomas McCandless lifetime bottle collection. The sale ran online January 18–February 1. The portrait flask was the top lot in a session that grossed around $440,000.


The Tom McCandless Collection

The Thomas McCandless Collection

Maine Antiques Digest: January, 2012

With several bottle auctions happening this past fall, it would have been easy to lose sight of the big Tom McCandless collection that came up in three sessions.


Jackson Portrait Flask Soars At Norman C. Heckler Auction

Jackson Portrait Flask

Antiques And The Arts Weekly: November 12, 2010

High expectations are sometimes dashed, but in the case of a General Jackson portrait flask, reality soared far above expectation when the bottle crossed the block at Norman C. Heckler & Company’s absentee auction that closed October 27. The 1820–40 historical flask with a bust of General Jackson on one side and an eagle on the other was made by John Robinson Manufacturers, Pittsburgh, Penn., and is noteworthy for its condition and even more so for its rare color, a brilliant yellow-green, as well as very strong embossing


Firecracker Flask Explodes: Record Price At Heckler

Firecracker Flask

Antiques And The Arts Weekly: April 10, 2010

A "firecracker" flask went out with a bang at the Norman Heckler Auction Company’s March sale of fine bottles and flasks, bitters, free blown glass and much more as it sold for a record price paid at auction for any American flask, eclipsing the $100,000 mark. The auction was "very well received," commented Heckler in the days following the sale, "probably the most active auction that we have had in the past eight or nine years." The auctioneer commented that the "bottle collecting hobby is strong and there does not seem to be any shortness of funds to buy these good things when they cross the market."