Fine American Glass Whimsey Hats

Important American Glass Whimsey Hats - From the Dr. Paul Andreson Collection

If you want rare, unusual, colorful, important American glass whimsey hats, watch our auction sales for the next year. These rarities will be featured in both our absentee and live auction sales. Heckler is pleased to announce that we will offer the Dr. Paul Andreson collection of four hundred (+) hat whimsies in our upcoming auctions.

Freeblown hats from the glasshouses of New England, New York, New Jersey and more are here. Blown three mold hats in color and rare colorless are part of this collection. Early pattern molded examples abound. The wild whimsey hats made from medicine molds, soda water molds, fruit jar molds, ink molds, and more are part of this collection. And then there are the dozens of pattern molded and pressed hats in a wild variety of colors and forms.

Many of the hats were collected in the 1930's and 1940's and were acquired from pioneer author / collector / dealer Ruth Webb Lee. Examples from this collection are often the exact items illustrated in Ruth Webb Lee's Victorian Glass Handbook, 1944.

Results for this collection may be viewed in our Archive.

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